Armed Women of America

Richmond Sportsman’s Club is now the Host Range for the Armed Women of America, Macomb & St. Clair County Chapter! 

AWA will meet here on the third Thursday of every month from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. 

What to Expect

At a typical meeting, you can expect an hour in the classroom with a talented and certified instructor skilled in creating a safe and welcoming environment for women shooters. Then, transition to the range (range fees may apply) where you’ll participate in live fire exercises to help drive home the concepts discussed in the classroom. Meetings may also incorporate guest speakers, extra live fire time, lecture style sessions, and so much more. Check with your local chapter leaders here to see what they have on their upcoming schedule.

Women must be legally eligible to possess a firearm in accordance with all state and local laws in order to participate. The minimum age to join is 14 years old. All minors must have the written permission of their parent/legal guardian and the parent/guardian must be a current member and present at meetings. The availability of youth memberships is at the discretion of each individual chapter and host range. State and local laws and range rules supersede a chapter’s decision to allow minor members.

AWA exists to enable women to be their own self-protectors, creating freedom, peace of mind, and confidence in themselves. Our vision is that women have the skills, mindset, and training to defend themselves and those in their care. 

Chapters across the country offer a welcoming, non-intimidating place for women to learn more about the safe and responsible use of firearms, including firearms safety, personal protection, concealed carry, mindset and so much more. 

The meetings offer classroom and range time, all under the guidance of certified women instructors who volunteer their time. 

Armed Women of America provides a safe and comfortable environment for women to gather, learn, train, and discuss issues important to women gun owners.

AWA membership is $75 annually and you can join at

There will be an additional $10 meeting fee for those who are not a member of Richmond Sportsman’s Club and no fee for RSC Members.  Fill out an Richmond Sportsman’s Club application now

If you would like more information about the Armed Women of America, please contact the Chapter Leader @

Or see their FaceBook Page 

And the AWA Website